A Snowy Adventure in the Wilds of Alaska and Canada


Alaska and Canada sit in the northern most part of North America, an area famous for its natural beauty. With miles of untouched snow-capped landscape, encompassing everything from mountains to glaciers, the region is perfect for those looking for rustic adventure in a cold climate.

With their borders stretching as far north as the Arctic Circle, Canada and the US state of Alaska are ideal destinations for cold weather activities. Prone to snowy conditions, the areas spend much of the year with temperatures in the minuses; this combined with diverse terrain and varied landscapes makes any journey into the wilderness a real adventure.

Although snow holidays are most often associated with skiing and although Canada and Alaska far from disappoint in this area, the regions also offer a whole range of other activities that make them stand out from the crowd. From mountain top to glacier cruise, by boat, car or foot, Canada and Alaska holidays are a slice of true excitement.

Magnificent Mountains

Perhaps one of Canada’s and North America’s most famous icons, the Rocky Mountains (the ‘Rockies’) are a breathtaking formation. Stretching over 3000 miles, the range begins in the northern most edge of western Canada’s state of British Columbia and slices across the country, making it an unmissable part of any Canada and Alaska holidays . Those looking to explore will discover everything from forestland to glaciers, its variation making it perfect for camping, snowboarding, hiking and mountaineering.

Wonders From The Water

Alaska is very much a coastal state, with miles of sea, ocean and waterways and this makes it the perfect cruising destination. Travelling in style, passengers will tour the state’s northern glaciers, sailing through hidden waterways and marvelling at the array of marine wildlife in the waters, perhaps even taking the chance to kayak amongst icebergs. Specific adventure cruises will see passengers stray off the beaten track and delve into Alaska’s undiscovered wilderness, giving the ultimate in eye-opening experiences. Disembarking, travellers can explore even further, hiking along glacier trails or spending time learning about local history and culture in the small surrounding villages and outposts.

On The Trail

National parks showcase the best of a country’s landscapes and vegetation, an exhibit of beauty and wonder. Canada’s national parks especially are a step into the wild and its hiking trails in the west of the country take visitors on a tour encompassing bears, rapids and breathtaking views. Beyond this, travellers can delve into the icy terrain of Glacier National Park and take guided tours of some of the world’s most renowned glaciers, including the Athabasca Glacier, just off the famous Icefields Highway.Cold conditions, far from being constrictive, can provide unlimited opportunity for a travel experience that is out of the ordinary. Alaska and Canada in particular offer a range of activities and a number of diverse areas to explore. Wrapped up warm, from leisurely to active, family friendly to solo treks, the snow dusted landscapes of Canada and Alaska offer adventures for everyone.

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