An “Epic” journey this May


It’s a jungle out there! And with the newest release under the Blue Sky banner, it’s a “battle deep inside” that forest. Come 24th May, forces of good and evil ride pillion in green armors and hummers, sorry, hummingbirds. Lines are drawn; battle formations are set for the epic fight this summer as creators of Ice Age and Robot have a new story to tell. William Joyce’s mystical creatures, the Leaf-Men, become digitally alive in the scintillating ‘Epic’.

Sneak peek into the jungle map

Like mundane beginnings to every other magical journey, the story starts in a wild forest with a not so ordinary measly Prof. Bomba and her beautiful redhead kin Mary Katherine. Professor’s secret research takes him to deep desolated areas of the forest while Mary stays back at their wooden cabin with her loyal man Friday – her dog.

Days would’ve passed endlessly but one day, as generally in celluloid adventures happen, the Professor doesn’t return home from his field work. Mary, on the pursuit to know her father’s whereabouts, discovers something strange from her father’s drawings. (Now, now, you wouldn’t want to know everything beforehand, would you?) Worried, and partly curious, she sets off to find her father in the forest.

Magic only takes on hold when she crosses path with some golden leaves. Surprises continue to baffle her as she shrinks to the size of the leaf itself! (Alice in Wonderland: anyone?) Her minuscule perspective brings her close to the otherwise tiny, brave leaf men and their faithful bug warriors. Through fern alleyways and lands of the daisy fairies, she explores the vastness of endless shades of green.

Her journey doesn’t end there though. In the path to rescue her father, she has to join in the battle of leaf warriors with a funky group of bugs against evil Mandrake and his horrifying Boggan force. It’s all green battle-suits up till the end as her quest for truth and love approaches a celluloid happy-ending.

Gossip –

Influenced from the children story book ‘The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs’ by William Joyce, director Chris Wedge promises to write a new chapter of the story with this IMAX modified production of Blue Sky. The initial 3D 5 minute teasers are rumored to launch around 3D theaters around the world by 14th May – ten days before the official release. The original book being a simple sleeping story for toddlers, it will be interesting to see the innovations made by the newest IMAX DMR technology. And yes! Don’t miss out Pitbull in the voice of rough and tough Bufo. It’s Pitbull’s first appearance in an animation film.

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