6 Ways To Make Your Next Camping Adventure More Fun


Do you love camping? If yes, why not go on an adventure trip in your used diesel motor home? Your kids have grown up, the days are bright and sunny, and the nights are pleasant. It’s the perfect time to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and enjoy some special moments with your family. Camping helps you relax in the lap of nature. There is nothing like a cozy tent under the night sky with a campfire built to keep you warm. But how to make your camping trip more fun and enjoyable? Here are six tips to help you make the most out of the experience:

  1. Carry a Portable and Compact Table: Though many campsites have picnic tables, it’s better to carry something portable. In case a table is unavailable, it will spoil all the fun of a family dinner together under the star-studded sky. Use a small, lightweight and foldable product that you can easily carry in your motor home.
  1. Illuminate Your Campsite: Do you want to make your campground more appealing? Carry a few lanterns besides the ordinary flashlights or headlamps. You could opt for one of the modern solar lanterns. Powered by the sun’s free energy, these beautiful lanterns can produce 200 lumens of light to brighten up the night. You can use a lightweight lantern in case you’re backpacking. If you are looking for in-tent lighting, choose a modern tent that comes with built-in lights. Alternately, you can carry solar-powered glitter lights to beautify your campsite.
  1. Camp Nearby: It’s not necessary to wait for a long vacation to enjoy a camping adventure. There are places to camp nearby, where you can have lots of fun. Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna, for example, has loads to offer in terms of amusement and activities. Take a cave tour of colorful stalactites and stalagmites. You can enjoy activities like equestrian camping, biking, hiking, and even kayaking on the Chipola River. You can also tee off in the 9-hole golf course situated right at the campground entrance.
  1. Relax in a Hammock: Would you like to swing gently and cozy up with your partner? Carry a portable hammock. Swinging mid-air in a comfy hammock is the best way to unwind while enjoying the soft breeze brushing past you on a lazy afternoon. They are available in compact pouch that you can easily toss into your bag. Choose hammocks with a built-in stash pocket and coozie so that you never have to leave your comfy cradle to grab a can of chilled beer.
  1. Carry Some Soft Pillows: Always carry a few comfortable pillows for enjoying a sound sleep during the night. After a hectic day of hiking and biking, these pillows are your best bet for sleeping tight. Carry lightweight varieties that you can pump up to more than five inches.
  1. Enjoy Your Camping Food: Your camping trip is not fun if you are not savoring the best food. Just because you are out in wilderness doesn’t mean you’ll have to eat dry food and granola bars all the time. There are several ways to store or toss up a delicious meal in your RV kitchen. For example, you can carry a pack of hard cheese in your backpack that stays fresh for days. Store some fresh vegetables and fish in your RV refrigerator to prepare a yummy tuna salad for breakfast. You can even grill some pork for lunch. Remember to carry a multi-spice pack to store your favorite spices such as salt, garlic, cayenne pepper or black pepper to make your meals tastier.

A camping trip in your used diesel motor home is more enjoyable provided you are prepared, and have the right gear and accessories. Plan your journey well, and make reservations well in advance to avoid last-minute rush.

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