Udaipur Travel Guide – What You Need to Know


Situated amidst the Aravalli ranges, Udaipur is a romantic, beautiful and colorful region. It is located in West India in Rajasthan. It is called as Venice of East or as City of Lakes. This is due to the presence of five refreshing lakes in the city. Udaipur used to be the capital of Mewar reign in the past. You can find many ancient temples, heritage rich spots, palaces, historic spots, natural attractions and others. Boating in the five lakes; Fetah Sagar Lake, Pichola Lake, UdaiSagar Lake, Rajasmand Lake and Jaismand Lake are considered romantic activities of the city.

Today, Udaipur is an important tourist destination in India. People from various international destinations and other states of India visit Udaipur. Why is Udaipur so famous among tourists? Explore Udaipur by travelling though the Palace on Wheels luxury train.

  • Here are a few reasons to why one should visit Udaipur :-
    • The lakes in the city are not just picturesque. They are refreshing and provide a good romantic and family getaway spot. Boating during sunrise and sunset are very famous activities in the city.
    • Some of the lakes have resorts and hotels that provide luxury and royal styled living experience for people. Jaisamand Lake has 300 and more bird species and it attracts a lot of bird watchers and nature lovers. Moreover, of course photo enthusiasts too.
    • A road trip along the lakes during monsoon season is another romantic activity that honeymooners love to take. A slow drive on the Rani road is an important activity if you are visiting during monsoon.
    • Unique temples of Udaipur are also important factor that attracts tourists. One such temple is Eklingji temple. The temple has a unique four-headed Lord Shiva statue made out of black marble. The temple is also famous for its serene environment.
    • If you are visiting in December, you ought to take part in ShilpgramUtsav. It is a festival that take place in Shilpgram village where you can enjoy fair, exhibition, dance performance, performance by musicians and others. You can also find many interesting Rajasthani delicacies during this fair.
    • Since we are talking about fairs and exhibition, Hariyali Amawas fair is another important celebration to witness. This fair takes place during monsoon season. During this fair, you enjoy a lot of games, stalls, performances and others. You will have to do a lot of walking so, wear comfortable shoes.
    • Udaipur is a beautiful spot for shopping. You can buy unique silver accessories, printed fabrics, materials for stitching, Jamawar work and others.
    • There are many sightseeing spots like Amar vilas, City Palace, crystal museum, Jagdish temple, Lake Palace hotel, Bada Bazaar and others.
    • You can find unique items here for souvenirs like mural paintings and others.
    • Culture of the land is worth thousands of pictures.

This city suits all kinds of travelers and tourists. This city has activities for senior citizens and fussy teenagers. You can enjoy a luxurious vacation here or, you can also scale the place on shoestring budget. This is a city for everyone. All amenities and services will be at high demand during tourism season. Therefore, pre-book the train and other facilities prior to your departure date of Palace on Wheels train.

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