Top Cultural and Historical Sites in Nigeria


Recent statistics showed that Nigeria is one of the largest countries in the world having approximately 186 million people, which is a simple reason to explain its rich culture and a large number of historical sites there. This country witnessed a lot starting from the ancient Ife Head sculpture passing by the historical Igbo Ukwu civilization and many others, so it is very rich in cultural tourism and has a lot of historical sites to show you. Our agents at Travelstart chose these best five for you.

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Top Cultural and Historical Sites in Nigeria

1- Old Oyo National Park

Old Oyo National Park is a historical site in Nigeria and the home of some amazing animals like Nile crocodile, rock python and land tortoise as well as a variety of kinds of birds. This place is also rich with fauna and flora resources. It is really magnificent and situated just about 51 km north of Ibadan city.

Don’t miss visiting the old Yoruba Empire, and Old Oyo National Park. It is really impressive


At Idanre town, tourists never miss visiting the most beautiful natural landscapes which are Idrane hills. They are romantic and unique attracting couples, spiritualists and lovers of mystery and adventure.

3- Osun Osogbo sacred forest

This forest is a top tourist historical site as it is considered as the abode of the goddess of fertility Osun. Here, you can explore a lot of deities like sanctuaries and shrines as well as many sculptures and artworks to honor Osun.


Awhum Waterfall is located in Enugu which is a top tourist destination having caves, waterfalls, galleries, springs, monumental, hills and other natural features.

It is more than 30 meters high and near a monastery.

5- Olumo Rock

In this landmark, tourists come to see the caves where people used to hide during the Yoruba civil war.

It is a granite rock of primitive formation and must be visited at least once.

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