Discover Mumbai At It’s Best: Top 5 Places To Visit


We don’t call Mumbai the city of dreams for nothing, right? The high rise buildings, streets surrounded with amazing people and bound amazingly with Arabian Seal. However, the hectic schedule and the traffic that surrounds the place is bound to be a bit too much sometimes.

So, what would be the best way to recover from the hectic schedule? What better way to cope with the stress than planning a proper getaway right?

Right from the amazing lush greenery in Mahabaleshwar to amazing looking vineyards in Nasik, Mumbai has got some serene locations for people. So, here we are providing some amazing tourist places near Mumbai within 100 km.

  1. Karjat

Kajrat is definitely one of the best places where you can go for a getaway. Situated in the midst of the lush greenery which is present in the Western Ghats, Kajrat is simply a superb location for you and your family. Known to be filled with tourists all the time, the serene and amazing panoramic view of the place is something to remember for sure. There are ancient caves, forts, temples, scenic beauty, and so much more. This place is the perfect location for the adventure lovers out there. So, why not spend the day trekking with the people. There is the Chanderi Fort, Peth Fort, Matheran, and so many other places. Also, why wouldn’t anyone want to visit the Ulhas River for parasailing and river rafting? For history lovers, a proper visit to the Kondana Caves will be a pretty good idea.

  1. Kashid

The beach town is quaint and amazing to look at. Located right near the Arabian Sea is certainly a great change from all the chaos and the hectic life. The clear skies, as well as the white sands, are the prime attractions of the place. Also, you would definitely love a walk on the Kashid Beach which is situated right near the beach town for those who want to spend some amazing time with the family. The refreshing puffs of the wind will leave the leaves rustling and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sight with your family for sure. When you need to enjoy the best of Jet-skiing experience, this is the best place to be. Why not visit Alibaug and have a ferry ride in the Arabian Sea? We are pretty sure that you will fall in love with the place at first sight. One visit and you definitely wouldn’t want to leave the place.

  1. Lonavala

Who doesn’t know about Lonavla, right? The primetime holiday destination for the people which houses some of the amazing locations such as Khandala and so much more, Lonavala is the best place for the tourists and travelers who want to have a relaxing vacation. For all the Mumbaikars, this is the perfect hill station which is situated right in the Sahyadri Hills and offers a mesmerizing experience for the visitors. There are waterfalls and dense forests which are surrounding the place and it is a quiet and quaint place that you would love to visit if you love nature at its best. They didn’t make the song ‘Ati Kya Khandala’ for nothing, right? Enjoy a perfect hike to the Tiger’s Point along with the Lion’s Point for the amazing and gorgeous view of the mesmerizing valley for sure. Enjoy the trekking experience to the Rajmachi Fort if you want to explore the history of the place.

  1. Nasik

Whether you want to see the exotic temples or just want to have a view of the sprawling vineyards, Nasik has it all for the travelers. The refreshing view of the city will be the perfect spot for the picnic that you want to enjoy with the family. Carry your baskets right now and go to the Dudhsagar Falls right now and enjoy the scenic and serene beauty of the place. The scenery seems to be straight right out from the post card. Now is your chance to have the perfect view of the Panday Leni as well as the Trivashmi Hills too. For those who have a love for wines, there are amazing Sula Vineyards where you can go for a glass of Rose wine.

  1. Mahabaleshwar

The magnificent cascades of Mahabaleshwar are the reason why you need to travel to this place at least once in your lives. This hill station is certainly one of the most famous destinations that you would definitely want to travel. If you want to enjoy a refreshing experience, boating in Venna Lake is the best experience for the people. The dense forests and the lush greenery would definitely take your breaths away. There is no comparison for the beauty of the place as the scenic views would definitely give you a sight to please.

So, these are some of the weekend getaways from Mumbai. Enjoy your trip to Mumbai so that you can make some wonderful memories.

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