3 Health Benefits Of Learning To Sail a Boat On The Open Water

Sailing boat

From an early age, we are drawn to the water and it doesn’t seem to matter what lives in there, because it doesn’t seem to put us off. In the United Kingdom, the temperature of the water is such that if you were in there for any length of time, you would perish. Jellyfish live there and if you touch one of those, you are in for a world of hurt. Yet strangely, being on or in the water brings a great sense of comfort to us and so we embark on finding ways to sail on the water whether on a lake, a river or out at sea. Many of us have never even been on a boat before, but there is help out there in the form of sailing schools.

You can get sail training in Gosport and there are various levels that you can work your way through to make you more qualified on a boat. Sailing offers many benefits and here are some of them.

  1. There is a lot to be getting on with when sailing on a boat and so it helps with strength and endurance. Sails need to be hoisted which involves a lot of pulling. This strengthens the back and shoulders.
  2. Being on the water has a calming effect on us and this reduces blood pressure and stress levels. Salty sea air aids in the body’s ability to absorb more oxygen and this helps serotonin levels. Serotonin makes us happy.
  3. Your communication skills improve as you shout out orders or receive them from the rest of the crew. This helps in both your personal life and your work life.

Sailing is good for you, so get out there and learn how to do it. It is only a phone call away and you could be on the water tomorrow.


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