Why Should You Visit Italy’s Wondrous Islands


Do you know how lucky you are to visit Italy’s wondrous islands? Just book a trip to these Islands then you will get to know why you are lucky. You will be amazed at the stunning beauty of these islands, in fact, you wouldn’t believe your own eyes. It has the undisturbed beauty where you can spend even the rest of your life. You will never be satisfied with the sandy-white beaches, stunning environment, marine life, and gigantic forest. You will witness seven islands with unique features that are worth enjoying. If Italy is popular it is mainly because of these seven icons of the Aeolian Islands. You can simply get lost in its beauty.

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A few of those islands for you!

Stromboli- If you miss this opportunity, you are missing a lot. The Stromboli’s volcano can also be called as the “lighthouse of the Mediterranean”. Why is it called the “lighthouse of the Mediterranean”? The main reason is lava from the streams directly flows into the sea. If you go there, you should watch this mesmerizing view. You can enjoy sailing Aeolian Islands from the deck of the cruise. There had been volcanic activity in the recent past as well. However, it is 8000 feet tall with 30000 feet above the level of the sea. If you want to date back to the past, you can find those tiny villages with black-sand beaches of the islands. But mainly the attraction of the island is the volcano and it is awesome.

Salina- You can have some sweet grapes here.  There are two extinct volcanoes here with different heights. This island is verdant and lush. The popular products are Malvasia and capers. It is a sweet, white wine made from grapes. If you want to know about the most interesting locations in Salina it can be the Port Santa Marina. You can even visit the village Malfa for a bus ride. In fact, there are great restaurants and spas on this island. This is one of the classic cities that you should never miss!

Panarea- This is one of the small beautiful islands that has the combination of the reputation and the stark geography to attract tourists.  The whitewashed lanes are a reminiscence of the Greek island towns. You can even take a small tour to Basiluzzo and swim in the crystal-clear translucent water. You can witness the Stromboli’s volcano by a helicopter tour.

Lipari-This was the largest Aeolian Islands that witness the ancient Greek colonists. The main town is the Lipari town. This is the place for the archaeological museum that includes the ancient shipwreck, mini theatre mask of Greeks and much more. If you look from the Four eyes location you can witness the dramatic scenery of the Vulcano.

Filicudi-This is a glimpse of Caribbean. If you visit Filicudi you should not miss the La Canna. This is a volcanic rock 243 feet above the level of the sea. It is more like an island that doesn’t suit the map of the country but truly it does. It has become one of the attractions that tourists get addicted to.  You can have the best seafood at Ristorante La Canna, La Sirena or Pecorino A Mare.

  1. Vulcano- This is not the one that erupts. The Greeks named it as Therassia. The Romans were the one who named the island as Vulcano. There are places where you can get the therapeutic mud bath and swim. Of course, there are countless restaurants in Vulcano where you can accommodate yourself. This is also one of the major attractions of the country.

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