Why sailing in Ibiza with friends is a good idea


When traveling with friends, Ibiza is an often chosen travel destination. The amazing beachlife and a vibrant nightlife with the best DJ’s in the world creating an amazing atmosphere in the most reputated clubs, make the perfect mix for a group of friends looking to have some fun. However if partying the regular way in a club is just too regular for you, why not rent a yacht charter in Ibiza? A group of friends gives you the advantage to split the costs so you can have a luxury stay in Ibiza without spending your last euros for drinks.

Here are a couple of reasons why sailing in Ibiza with friends might be a good idea.

Share the costs

Chartering a yacht with a group of friends has many advantages. One of them is the Financial benefit of splitting the costs. While sailing might tend to be an expensive form of traveling, it is well doable when in group. Not only will you be able to share the rental costs, but the marina fees are split as well.

Crew work gets you closer

Sailing a yacht can be hard work. But as with all work, the more hands you get on it, the easier it gets. Sailing is a great way of teambuilding. Working together with your friends to hoist the sails and navigate the waters of Ibiza will make you even better friends.

Ibiza has ideal sailing conditions

The west coast of Ibiza from San Antonio to Es Vedra is sheltered from the prevailing winds from the east. The south coast presents similar conditions. Summers in Ibiza are great. High temperatures and no harsh weather conditions makes it ideal for a sailing trip. Even if you’re not that well-experienced yet.

See more, do more

Most travelers who stay on land, stay in pretty much the same area during their entire holiday. A yacht makes it easier and more likely to see more of Ibiza. In daytime, explore the island from a nautical point of view, while the evenings ashore are the perfect time to party hard at another new destination.

Have an active holiday

If you are not the type to spend long afternoons on the beaches, sailing might prove to be a good alternative. The boat is your home and you will spend quite some time on it. Offcourse, now and then you will want to explore a bit more of the island which will make you busy navigating and sailing your way to your next checkpoint. Offcourse when the opportunity arises, you will want to try out sea kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or just have a swim. Believe us you won’t be staying below-deck during this holiday.

Bring ‘seize the day’ to a whole new level

A sailing holiday is much more fun than any type of traveling. We guarantee you that it won’t be your last!

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