Where you can enjoy the best family holidays in Turkey


Turkey is very family oriented. It is an ideal destination for family holidays because it boasts of natural beauty that includes its brimming lakes and seas together with a mixture of sights and sounds of cultural customs as well as its high mountains and bright sun. Most hotels in this country offer amenities that are suitable for adults and children. For a holiday destination that truly offers something for everyone, it is not easy to find any place that can beat Turkey because it has the following places where you can enjoy the best family holidays.

  1. Butterfly Valley beach

    The unique shape of this beautiful beach is its main aspect. The rocks form it in a V shape. It is a very picturesque beach because it is localized in the middle of rocks or two cliffs. It has arrangements for dancing to your favorite music, campfire, shops that offer food items as well as other accessories. It is a very nice silent beach that allows you to enjoy your holiday.
  2. Icmeler Beach

    This is a recent beach that is localized on the Marmaris bay. It has various small rooms for you to stay with your family. It also has resting beds for warming up your body and lying down. You can easily access this beach from the Marmaris village by using local buses. You can cherish the moments you spend on this beach at all times because it is beautiful. It looks graceful because a stunning bed of white sand covers it. It is also scenic because there are long pine trees around it.
  3. Kaputas Beach

    This beach is in the middle of Kalkan and Kas in Turkey’s South West portion. It is rocky and has an inlet gut that steeps in a sleek valley that is around the cliffs. This beach boasts of many variable shops that offer artistic women’s accessories and food items. It also has a soothing environment all around that helps in removing all your pains and stress from the busy life in the city.
  4. Gemiler Beach

    This beach, which is located opposite St. Nicholas Island, is a silent beach that is away from the city. It is very old and disorganized. However, it is also perfect for spending your family holiday. The cool waves that circle around its waters will give you immense pleasure. This beach has sand that provides comfort when you walk on it. It also has shops where you can enjoy all your favorite drinks and dishes.
  5. Fethiye Resort

    The location of this resort is on the hillside of Turkey’s Mount Mendos and nowadays, many people consider it a gem of the Mediterranean coast of this country. It is a famous resort that has always drawn holidaymakers from all parts of the world because of its awesome scenery. This resort is a perfect holiday destination with an equal mixture of everything whether you want to go for a cultural tour or beach holiday in Turkey with your family.

Whether you want a laid-back family holiday in the sun or a fun-filled adventure for a holiday with your family, the aforementioned places have it all. Hence, you should apply for a visa for turkey online so that you can visit them with your family.


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