Where Will Your Summer Adventures Take You


For many people, summer is the ultimate getaway time.

Whether it means solo vacations, trips to visit family and friends, or trips for just families themselves, there is much to do and places to see.

That said your summer adventures can become complicated if you do not put the right amount of time and effort into your planning needs.

From where you’re going to be staying to what you are planning to do, preparations need to be done ahead of time, not at the last minute.

With that being the case, where will your summer adventures take you?


For many individuals (along with families), there is nothing better in the summertime than getting away from the heat and humidity that much of the nation bakes under for several months.

So, do you have the following bases covered in order to have one or more awesome adventures?


  • Where you’re going – First and foremost, having your vacation destination or destinations picked out ahead of time certainly makes things easier. As you probably already know (but a reminder does not hurt), many areas across the country get booked up before summer even officially arrives in later June. With that in mind, it is wise to have your hotel, airfare, rental cars, and any other pertinent vacation needs locked up months or at least weeks ahead of time. While you can find last-minute deals, they are oftentimes few and far between;
  • Water is calling – If your summertime adventures include time spent in the water, make sure you have the necessary gear ready to go. If surfing has your name on it, make sure you have your wet suit, board, and other such supplies with you. While you can rent such gear, already having it saves money over the long run. If some paddle boarding is on your agenda, you can turn to a Vilano Navigator inflatable to get you started. Such items allow for great times in the water for the newer paddle boarder to the more advanced. If you’re planning on doing some fishing, taking your own gear once again saves you money over time instead of renting. On the flip side, some prefer to rent once they get to their final destination, thereby meaning they do not have to haul such gear with them, especially if it means taking an airplane or a long trip by car or truck;
  • Safety comes first –No matter where your summer water activities will take you, always make your safety and the safety of those around you the top priority. As too many people have discovered over the years, one mishap can not only ruin a summer trip, it can change many lives forever. Always know where the closest first-aid services are when you’re out on the water, on the beach etc. If children are part of your entourage, make sure any little ones do not venture into the water unaccompanied. Finally, be respectful of the water at all times. For those heading to the ocean, sizable lakes and rivers etc. know that going out too far can be life-threatening. It just takes one wave or current to take someone down. Whether you are swimming or using an apparatus, only venture out as far as you feel safe and comfortable;
  • Protect your valuables – Lastly, you don’t want your big summertime or weekend routine trip to the water to end in frustration. Keep an eye on your valuables at all times. All too often, people will up and leave their personal items on the beach in order to take a swim. While most people return to find their stuff just as they had left it, others are not always so lucky. Leave valuables like money (only carry a very small amount if need be), phones and other personal items in secure places. If you’re going with a group to enjoy the water, best to have one person watching the stuff at all times.

Hot weather and time off from the daily grind of work and/or school is what summertime is all about for millions of Americans.

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