Sustainable Development Is More Than Possible: It’s a Reality


The idea of development that addresses the needs of those living in the present time while providing for and protecting the needs of people in the future can be referred to with one word: “sustainable”. In many locations around the world, activities such as construction for living space, infrastructure installation, and use of resources such as fossil fuels have proceeded with little or no thought to how this level of activity can be sustained for the long term.

It’s not just about the environment and natural resources, though these are two major elements to be considered. It goes much further than this. When planning any project for today, it’s essential to consider how the community will function in the future as well as how individuals will live and interact in the years to come.

A Definite Mission

With these general guidelines in place along with detailed programs and activities, organisations are now moving forward with a definite mission, taking into account the communities and natural environment now and in the future. The overarching principle can be stated simply. It’s crucial to focus on the importance of sustainable development in Cambodia. Guests are able to donate to a registered foundation, knowing that their funds are used directly to protect the environment.

In order to achieve these goals, it’s important to have the more general objective divided into specific programmes focusing on land, people, and water. Efforts began with one island, then two, growing to setting the standard by which sustainable tourism is measured. The goal, as always, has been to align the interests of investors with the needs and interests of communities and the environment. A marine reserve is a key part of this development as is the foundation that oversees the work in general.

Near Future and Beyond

These efforts include such details as water catchment and a coral nursery to encourage the health of this key element for the long term as well as mangrove saplings planted by the thousands. Along with this important emphasis on the natural world of the region, the work includes efforts to improve local communities by improving the lives of individuals. The list of programmes includes organic farming, education, medical missions, and many more.

This doesn’t mean that the current life is reduced in quality in order to make life better in the future. What it does mean is that organisations, individuals, and communities can improve efficiency in general by using fewer financial resources to accomplish similar objectives. It might mean improving individual health through different modes of transportation now, not only to preserve resources in future years but also to establish habits and activities that make life better for all. Far from asking those living in the present to sacrifice, sustainable development is about finding better methods of acting and living, now and in the future.



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