Save Money When Road Tripping With Your Kids


Each year thousands of travellers hit the open roadways in order to enjoy the scenery, the outdoor activities, and the camaraderie that comes with travelling. Many individuals travel alone, others with their significant other, and still others with a group of friends. There are many more who set out with their entire families. Just because you have young children doesn’t mean you can’t head on down to the RV rental location and hit the road.

If money is a worry, you should know that traveling with children doesn’t automatically mean you will have to heighten your budget. As a matter of fact, travelling with the kids doesn’t have to be expensive at all as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

Make Sure Your Camper Is Large Enough

When choosing the RV you’ll be taking on the trip, it is important to make sure that there is enough sleeping space to accommodate your whole family. This way you can all sleep in the RV at every camping ground you stop at and not have to spend money on hotels.

Keep in mind that your main money saving factor is your vehicle, and as long as your RV can comfortable fit your entire clan then you won’t have to spend a dime on alternate accommodations on your trip.

Pack All The Supplies You Need

As the main care provider for your children, you already know their day-to-day needs. You know what they like to eat. You know the activities they engage in. You know what games they enjoy. When setting out on a long road trip, keep this in mind and make sure that each child in your traveling party is fully stocked with the necessities. This will save you from spending a lot of money on the road keeping your kids happy. Remember, you may have to lay out some cash before the trip starts, but this will be a great investment since you will end up saving funds down the line.

The same goes for the outdoor activities you may be taking on during your trip. Make sure to bring enough equipment for the entire family, including the children. Even if you have to purchase the goods, it will be cheaper to do so at a local store that it will be to shell out cash on expensive rentals.

Snacks Galore

One of the main aspects that drains budgets while travelling is food. Having to feed an entire family relying on restaurants, grocery stores, and fast food joints along the road will definitely cost you a pretty penny. This is why it is incredibly important to bring enough non-perishable traveling food to keep the kids’ appetites in check during long drives. Make sure to pack healthy, sustainable snacks that will tide over their appetites and keep them fit and healthy enough to enjoy the activities you may be undertaking along the way.

One thing you will definitely want to do is vary the snacks so that your children won’t become bored with the foods and begin demanding takeout or restaurant pit stops. This is all the more reason to make sure that your RV rental is the proper size and can fit some extra equipment and snacks. And keep in mind that the snacks will help out your appetite as well for those long drives.


We all know that children can be incredibly restless when travelling. This is why multiple sources of entertainment are needed when travelling with children. Fortunately, today the majority of entertainment comes from devices. This means that all you will need is a plethora of iPads or tablets loaded with games and movies in order to keep the children entertained. Make sure that each child has at least one device to keep them occupied. This will save money on entertainment along the way.

Due to the amount of devices on hand, you will want to invest in a multiport charger in order to make sure they are all charged and ready to go each day. Beyond just devices, it is important to bring along some physical games as well such as board games or toys. When the children are occupied, you will be able to make better time on the road. This will save you on gas plus cut costs from having to make stops along the way just to keep the kids entertained.

Traveling with your kids is a great way to introduce them to the world beyond your home region and give them a taste of the adventure that awaits out on the open road. You may even be starting them on a future life of road tripping. Just make sure to have enough space in your RV rental, enough equipment, and all the entertainment and snacks you need. This way you’ll never have to worry about going over your budget due to travelling with your children.

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