Mountain Biking Trails in the US


Many people love riding in the countryside on traditional bicycles. However, there are those who have turned this leisurely activity into an adventure. Mountain bikers are tearing up steep and challenging terrain to achieve an adrenalin high and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re seeking an adventure of your own, here are some of the mountain biking trails that you could try out.

Wisconsin State Park System Bicycle Trails

Wisconsin is an ideal place for you to go bicycling! It has over 1,000 miles of fantastic trails. According to the American League of Bicycling, the state is the best for bicycling in the Midwest and second-best in the nation. The varied terrain makes the state ideal for adventure seekers on two wheels.

Trails are both natural and manmade, with popular off-road trails. These have wood or dirt surfacing, which makes it challenging for riders. There are also trails, called “tour circuits,” that have been constructed with a firm surface. The state has also constructed mountain bike trails, which are made in the narrow and steep specifications used in professional X Games tournaments.

Big South Fork Mountain Bike Riding

When visitors come to Big South Fork in Kentucky and Tennessee, they always want to go mountain biking. The Big South Fork Mountain Bike Club has designed, constructed and maintained trails for years. Mountain bikes are also allowed on highway edges, horse trails and backcountry roads. Mountain biking has also been incorporated in the National Park’s Grand Gap Loop hiking trail and is opened to both hikers and cyclists every day of the week. Riders are asked to conserve the trails for tomorrow’s generation by riding carefully along and not tampering with the trails in any way. The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has certain rules and guidelines governing the use of natural trails by its members.

King Range National Conservation Area

The IMBA and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have been cooperating since 2005 to develop trails in this area of California for the use of mountain bikers. They have developed an environmentally sustainable trail—quite challenging in the Paradise Ridge area of the King Range National Conservation Area, which is at an altitude of 2,850 feet. The trails have varying difficulties and encompass about 30 miles. These trails offer great scenery and riding experiences.

New River Gorge

In the eastern U.S., there is no trail more challenging than the New River Gorge in West Virginia. The area receives bikers from near and far, out to try their skills on the challenging trail. The trail is so popular that several local companies are profiting by offering guided bicycling tours of the trails. Some trails provide a good view of the river while offering you the chance to go though some of the area’s abandoned mining towns. The Arrowhead Trail was created by over 1,000 members of the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America. The trail is a system of stacked loops, which offer difficulty ranging from moderate to tough. Adventuresome riders are free to explore this circuit and see why people travel from very far just to try these amazing trails!


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