Maturing in Malaysia


Malaysia is a diverse country, not just in terms of people and culture, but of nature. The vibrant peninsula nation and eastern region on the island of Borneo is adaptable because of its diversity. Malaysia is a thing of beauty sitting on the the Indian Ocean; it’s open to the world via land, sea and air. It capital, Kuala Lumpur, is the jewel in the Malaysian crown; home to a huge press of cultures, overlooked by the almost Angkor Wat style pinnacles of the Petronas Towers, once the tallest buildings on the planet.

New Horizons

The 21st century has meant that Malaysia has ushered in a new age of prosperity, joining in the Eastern gold rush as one of Asia’s newest booming economies. The Malaysian Grand Prix was the first Asian Formula 1 race to take place outside of Japan, though it seems that rising cost and a declining interest among the Malaysian youth in the race, added to the numerous Asian Grand Prixs, means its future looks doubtful. But a doubtful future is something that the Malaysia does not want when it comes to the next generation.

Planning Ahead

Making sure our children are educated properly is vital. A true education does not just consist of learning how to read and write, learning maths and so on. While those things are important for helping a child get a good and decent grasp of learning and understanding basic numeracy and literacy, life skills are also extremely important. Coupled with this notion is the realisation that teaching children what lies beyond school, to prepare them with the necessary knowledge of what careers they can attain in adulthood makes pure common sense. It is for this reason that kids attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have cleverly united fun with training for life.

What Do You Want to Be?

Kids dream big, you’ll hear them say that they want to be an astronaut one minute, then a policeman the next with their vivid imaginations and wish to play games. But what if it was possible to combine the games of the imagination with fun environments? Blending fun, while mixing play with the business of learning is a great way for children to learn the facts of everyday life in the workplace.

Having fun in a kid run environment with assigned roles and rights to children is an excellent way to create a sense of civic duty and purpose in the youngest in society. This kind of learning apes the classic method of disguising vegetables in food so kids eat their vegetables; by combining such methods containing them within adult jobs, dressing those jobs up in the setting of children’s play, offer valuable experience for kids. Children that can benefit from this range in age from 4-14, meaning there are tailored levels for matching a child’s enjoyment dependent on age and ability. If more methods like this were employed out there, kids choosing careers as adults might become, child’s play!

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