Many Things to Do in Bali and Its Destinations


Bali is famous island in Indonesia. This island may not be the biggest island, yet this has a lot of beautiful things. Even, every spot in Bali can be great spot to explore. In this case, there are many things to do in bali. People will never get satisfied exploring Bali since this island has a lot of awesome things to visit and many other great things to do. Staying in this island for weeks will never be boring since every part of this island is great place to visit. There are many great things to find in Bali. Its beaches, its natural scenery, its temples and many other destinations can be reached and each of them offers attractive things to find.

In this case, one of the great destination is beach. When people say beach in Bali, there are actually many beaches to find. This island is has several beautiful beach. Of course, there are many things to do in bali’s beaches and those are awesome activity. Water sport, sunbathing, even shopping can be done in the beaches in Bali.

  • For the lover of water sport, Kuta can be first destination to explore. This beach has become so famous and there are always many tourists coming to this beach. Of course, they are looking for the beauty of beach and its water sport. Swimming and surfing can be done well in this area. For surfers, the waves are good enough to enjoy surfing. There are also other alternative of water sport to try and they can be found easily.
  • Then, there is Legian as the other destination for surfing. Legian can be the best spot for it since its waves are awesome and there are various level of waves. Even, there is surfing class provided by one of the famous brand of surfing and water sport equipment. This means that Legian is considered as right place to surf for beginners up to professionals.
  • Then, there is also Jimbaran as other destination. Jimbaran can be right place for people who need to find peaceful beach. The beach is less crowded compared to other beaches. In this case, the good things to do is to enjoy the foods in several great restaurants. Shopping can also be done since there are some shopping destinations selling iconic merchandises and crafts from Bali.

Then, for people who love to explore nature, Bali has West Bali National Park. As what people can find in national park, there is forest with awesome animals living in it. One of the awesome animal is the bird called White Bali Starling. This is one of the iconic animal in Bali, even it can only be found in Bali. The national park can be great destination for people who love exploration. There are several things to do in bali’s forest since this forest is divided into several area. It is the lowland forest, beach, and montane forest. There is also mangrove forest. For people who love diving, the beach in this forest can be great spot for it since there are coral reefs and beautiful sea animals.

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