Key Aspects of an Island Resort


Most travellers like to relax and enjoy their vacation when they book into an island resort, that is why their services and amenities are vitally important. Furthermore, if you’re staying on an island, you won’t be able to just up and leave. If its high season, most of the resorts will probably be fully booked, leaving you to stay in substandard accommodation.

Here are some of the most important aspects of an island resort.

Restaurant & Food Quality > If you’ve booked in to an island resort for an extended stay, you’ll want to check whether the restaurant and food quality is of a high standard. One of the easiest ways to check is online, you can read numerous reviews from guests who have stayed there to see whether they enjoyed the cuisine at the resort. For example, if you’re staying on Norfolk Island, places like Norfolk Island restaurant are well known for their variety and quality of food. You’ll find several recommendations praising the level of service and choice on offer.

Room Quality > You’ll spend most of your time in your room either sleeping or just lounging around watching TV while relaxing, so it is important to have a comfortable bed. The softness of the bed is vitally important for getting a good night’s sleep, you come to an island resort to relax and having a bed which is soft is a necessity. You should immediately check the bed when you enter the room, if its too hard or springy, request different chambers.

Another important thing to consider is the shower, while waiting for your bags to be brought up, check to see whether the shower is working correctly. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to have a refreshing, hot shower after a long day on the island.

Quality of Service > The difference between a quality resort and a place which gets an average rating is generally the staff. If you book into a place and you’re greeting by polite, charming employees, you won’t soon forget it. If they continue to provide exceptional service throughout your stay, even if you found certain areas a little indifferent, you are more likely to revisit that resort in the future. Having staff who enhance your holiday experience is hugely beneficial and any good resort manager should know this.

Setting > If you’re booking an island resort with the aim of relaxing in a pool and visiting local historical sites, you must find a place which is located close to the surrounding attractions and has first-class amenities. The location is down to your personal preference, so you should find somewhere that ticks all the boxes for you.

When choosing an island resort, you should take some time to weigh up various aspects of the company. If your priorities are lounging by the pool and eating in the resorts restaurants at night, then you should find a place with excellent on-site amenities. The most important aspects of a hotel are listed above to help you select the right location when booking.

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