Incredible Things That Every First-Time Visitor To London Must Do


A first ever trip to the giant city of London can be a daunting prospect for even the most seasoned traveller.

Thankfully, there are a few classic things to do here that everyone should be aware of and try to fit into their itinerary.


Whatever your view is on the Royal Family, there is no doubt that Buckingham Palace is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. The fact that it is centrally located means that it easy to visit here by getting off the Underground at the likes of Green Park or Victoria Station.

From the outside, some people find the building inspiring while others are a little bit disappointed. However, what can’t be disputed is that there is always a great feeling of anticipation when a big crowd of tourists gather hoping for a glimpse of the Queen or Royal Family member.

As well as looking at the Palace from outside, you could also arrange to visit the State Rooms and gardens while you are here.


The spectacular London Eye offers a great way of seeing a dramatic view of the city from the comfort of a glass capsule. This is a relaxing way of seeing a lot of the city from a great vantage point.

The popularity of the London Eye means that it often has long queues of people waiting to get up in it. This means that it can be a good idea to book ahead and maybe even book a special package.

Tall buildings such as The Shard now offer more open views than the London Eye but there is no denying the special feeling of going up in one of these capsules.


It is almost certain that you will travel on the Underground at some point, as this is the easiest way to get around in the capital. However, you should look to view it as more than just a mode of transport.

The Tube is a classic part of London and travelling on it will let you get a glimpse of day to day life in the city. As well as this, some of the stations are beautiful to look at and filled with history.


The central position of the mighty Thames means that it has always played a huge part in the city’s progress and economy. Not all visitors realise that it also a great place to get a view of the city as well.

This is because a lovely Thames cruise can let you see all of the main sights from a fresh perspective. It really is an unbeatable feeling to sail down this famous river and watch the buildings pass you by.

You can take any one of a number of themed trips in this way, making it the perfect way to see the city in the way that best suits you. For instance, would you like to listen to a live jazz performance or maybe take a delightful London afternoon tea cruise instead?


London’s world class theatre district in the West End is a wonderful place to see some amazing shows. There are plenty of fine theatres dotted around here, showing some of the top shows around.

From old classics like Les Miserables and the Lion King to the latest new releases, there is something here for everyone. Quite simply, this is the kind of night out that you will remember for a long time.

A good idea is to book a dinner and theatre special package that turns the whole thing into an even more memorable experience. In this way you can relax and make the most of an entire evening out in the buzzing West End.


London is also chock full of brilliant markets too. Whether you want to check out food, clothes, bric a brac or anything else, you will find a perfect market here for your tastes.

Among the biggest and best markets in the city are classics such as Portobello Market, Camden Market, Borough Market and Brick Lane Market. These are all terrific places to spend a few hours browsing around.

Most of these markets have food stalls or restaurants nearby, so that you can easily make it a full day out.

Make your first ever trip to London a hugely memorable one by trying out these exciting things to do. If you do it right then you will be itching to come back here again as soon as you can.

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