Five Tips for Choosincg a Walking Tour


Exploring countries on foot is often the best way to get to know their culture, see sites up-close, and meet the people who live there. However, there are dozens of walking tour companies with several walking tours per country from which to choose. Here are five tips for choosing a walking tour that fits your needs.

Travel with a Friend or Group

Taking a walking tour in the country of your choice, such as Spain, can be a great way to become familiar with that country. However, you should never travel alone when going on a self-guided tour. Along with the possibility of getting lost, you could get seriously injured if you trip and fall on a rocky path and no one would know it for hours. Also, no matter how hospitable a destination seems, you could come across people with less than good intentions, and travelling with others discourages criminals.

Choose According to Your Ability

Most walking tour companies offer day trips, weekend walking tours, and even tours lasting for up to ten days. When choosing a tour, pick one that fits your schedule and allows leisurely exploration so that you can have fun getting to know the area you’ve chosen. Most tours indicate the fitness level recommended for taking a certain route, so you should choose a tour according to your physical abilities so you don’t overexert yourself. You are there to have fun while exploring a country, not to compete with others.

Consider What to See

When you choose Spanish walking holidays, consider the area that you wish to visit and explore. Spain offers mountainous areas, paths along the Mediterranean Sea, and city walking tours, so there are a variety of tours from which to choose. Some tours cater to different hobbies, so if you like wine, you can choose a tour which will take you to Spanish wineries. Similarly, you can choose tapas walking tours to try Spanish foods in cities like Barcelona.

Consider Accommodations

Do you want to “rough it” or are you looking for a nice place to stay at after you have arrived at your nightly destination? You can choose from different accommodation styles when choosing tours in other countries.

If you want to stay amongst the locals, you can choose tours with guesthouse or hostel accommodations, especially if you wish to save money. However, other tours provide three- and four-star hotel accommodations, so you can relax in a nice room at the end of the day, dine on-site, and enjoy cocktails by the pool if you choose.

Choose a Group

Although there are dozens of tours which allow you and your family to go off on your own, you can also travel with groups. If you are on your own, travelling with a group is safer, but it also gives you a chance to meet others with the same interests as you and develop friendships which can last a lifetime.

No matter where you wish to travel, you can find a walking tour to meet your needs and abilities.

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