Few Most Amazing 5 Star Hotels around the World


In any kind of travel, may it be for leisure, business, or work, hotels are a major consideration. They play a big role when you travel in that hotels somewhat become your second home while being away from your own home.

And being in a hotel, you look for certain qualities and standards. Qualities and standards that will make your stay worthwhile; that will make you feel and have the familiar comforts of home; and that will make every penny you have spent worth it.

Now, consider these hotels:

  1. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi – Being one of the richest countries in the Middle East and in the world, Abu Dhabi boasts of this hotel, which costs USD3 billion to erect, for it offers the luxury fit for a Sultan. It has 394 rooms and suites, 40 meeting rooms, and over a thousand crystal chandeliers, among many others. Definitely a right fit for a royalty;
  2. Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey – Specifically situated in Antalya, Turkey, Mardan Palace Hotel is also a must-go-to hotel for those who want to experience luxury European style. Of the many amazing features it has, its swimming pool, which can accommodate a thousand guests, and its sunken aquarium filled with exotic fishes are the must-try and must-see;
  3. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai – In today’s architectural world, the Middle East is among the few places which can definitely boast of stunning architectural masterpieces. And one of those masterpieces is the Burj Al Arab Hotel, considered as the most photographed landmarks or places in the world. A few of its amenities that make guests come back include a 24/7 personal on-call butler and a Rolls Royce ride. Now top that;
  4. The Boulders, Arizona – If you want a stay on Mother Nature’s arms then The Boulders is the right place for you. The place owes its unique design to Mother Nature, being built with 12-million-year-old rock formations, which spans a total of 1,300 acres of the Sonoran Desert;
  5. Secrets Marquis, Los Cabos – If you are a sea lover, this place is for you. Fronting a vast majestic sea that often offers an incredible view of migrating whales, Secrets Marquis is truly a heaven on earth;
  6. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas – Since our childhood years, we have always wondered if Atlantis, famously known as the lost city, really did exist. Its stories and tales spanned many a generation, and many of us have been an avid fan of them. Which is exactly the main reason why Atlantis Paradise Island was built: as a tribute to the lost city that we have been dreaming of seeing. With this, now, we may experience what Atlantis is like.

Truly, hotels have gone a long way in making traveler’s experience noteworthy.

Now, do your checklist: itinerary, ticket, a bag of clothes, camera, and oh, the most important thing, your passport. Do make sure you have an unexpired passport. It may be the only reason why you cannot enjoy your travel. Better check it now. If you do have an expired passport, best if you have a passport renewal.

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