Explore Canada


Canada, the name itself conjures images of pristine rivers, great mountains and wonderful forests. It is a country that needs to be explored properly. It is very vast; in fact it is so vast that it is the second largest country on the planet. You cannot cover the whole country in one trip unless the trip is for a year. You need to keep coming back to wholly understand and enjoy the country and its culture.

Canada has many lakes and the main lakes are the great lakes of Ontario, Erie and Huron. There are many activities at these lakes and if you like such activities you will surely enjoy an outing there. If you like wines, then Ontario is the place to be as it has a lot to offer for the wine connoisseur. Canadian wines are produced mainly in Ontario.

Some call it a seventh natural wonder of the world, while others call it the eighth wonder and it is Niagara Falls. A great place to enjoy and if you like adventure you can visit it on a helicopter or you can go down in an elevator and enjoy the beauty as a curtain of water. If you love nature, then you should visit Ontario, which is home to national parks, lakes and rivers.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa and it contains the longest skating rink in the world. The Rideau Canal freezes in winter and this canal become the skating rink. The Parliament, tower of the world etc are other attractions in the capital city.

Toronto is a very large city in Canada and it is known for its cleanliness. It is famous for its nightlife and for the CN tower, which was the tallest building in the world till a few years ago. The Ripley’s Aquarium is a must visit for all travellers to Canada.

Quebec province is known for Montreal and its wonderful beaches. Montreal is wonderful and is a happening place. Quebec on a whole is a great place for people who love nature.

Nova Scotia is also known as New Scotland and has a lot of attractions. The most photographed place in Canada is located here.

Canada has made a few changes to travel rules and the new rules mean that you need a new document known as eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization. People from countries that do not need a visa need eTA Canada. Citizens of United States do not need the Electronic Travel Authorization.

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