Are Domestic Holidays Back in Fashion


With the weather in the UK unpredictable to say the least, it’s no surprise that most people, given the chance, would like nothing better than to hop on a plane and venture abroad. Unfortunately, even though budget airlines are doing everything in their power to open the holiday market up, the country’s poor financial state means that a lot of people simply cannot afford the luxuries that they could once take. Therefore, when it comes to cost-cutting, holidays abroad are normally the first to go.

Nevertheless, with the average working Brit getting four weeks’ worth of holiday time per year, many are still finding the resources to spend a little time away from home. However, instead of jumping on a plane, domestic holidays now appear to be well and truly back in fashion. Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take a look through some of the areas in the UK which are proving popular for those families that wish to stay in the country, rather than venture abroad and spend a small fortune.

Yorkshire Dales

For those that wish to escape to the country for their domestic holiday, a trip to the Yorkshire Dales is rarely beaten. Whilst it’s not exactly suitable for everybody, any person that likes hiking or merely admiring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country is unlikely to be disappointed with this location. If you’re taking the children, there are countless parks while there are several museums for those expected rainy days.


Suffolk is becoming more popular for UK getaways, with the county home to a host of attractions. Whether it’s Go Ape!, Pleasurewood Hills or one of the countless animal attractions, the region really has something for everyone. Furthermore, accommodation seems to be a little more competitively priced than other areas, with hotels in Suffolk tending to be very good value.


Devon has been a popular location for many years and unlike some regions which have been looked at, this county really does appeal to every age. Take a trip to Dartington and wander around the glorious gardens, or nip inside the centre and take a look at just how the experts make crystal. Alternatively, venture to one of the many farms with the kids – or make the short journey across to Cornwall and visit the famous Eden Project.


If your budget is quite flexible and you are looking to cram in as many attractions as possible, few places in the country are as enticing as London. Admittedly, accommodation and transport prices are through the roof, but the attractions are some of the best in the world and whether it is the London Eye, Madame Tussauds or any of the other world-renowned tourist hot spots, you will never be stuck for something to do.


Seaside holidays never grow old and while there are countless coastal destinations you could visit in the UK, Brighton is one that has a bit of everything. The city is proving more alluring to younger visitors, with its emphasis on beach and sea activities bringing in plenty of youth. However, there is also plenty to do for the family and whether it is Brighton Pier, the Sea Life Centre or even the Marina, everyone is likely to have a great time.


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