A Guide to the Best Events in Magaluf for 2019


With several events lined up already, 2019 is definitely going to be one of the best years for anyone visiting Magaluf. Whether you would like to club like never before, enjoy the memorable boat parties or bask in the friendly sunsets of Mallorca, Magaluf is truly the home of fun and partying irrespective of where you are coming from.

Check out the following events that promise to make Magaluf the place to be in 2019:

MCP Paint Party

When it comes to the wildest parties in Magaluf in 2019, MCP Paint Party is one of the best events that must never be missed.  From the hottest girls to the most handsome lads, MCP Paint Party provides everyone with the opportunity to party hard in Magaluf. Enjoy exceptional holidays with the booze as you participate in this party that will be hosted by one of the best clubs in Magaluf known as Carwash Club.

White Party

Do not miss out on the all-exclusive White Party that is slated for Magaluf in 2019. With the topmost DJs around the world dishing out beautiful tunes and everyone taking part in the drinking games, Magaluf will come alive with this special White Party. Hosted by Oceans Beach Bar, this event is going to be an unforgettable all-night party in 2019.

BH Mallorca Day

Visiting Magaluf is not just about having fun at night as there are a handful of entertaining events going on during the day too, and one of such is the BH Mallorca Day event. Get the best of drinks, foods and pool party at the Twisted Water Park as you get involved in the nerve-wracking slides found around the park. Alternatively, join other visitors, musicians, celebrities, DJs, and singers on Island Beach Club to make the most of your day.

Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party needs little or no introduction as this event welcomes more than ten thousand people each year and 2019 is not going to be different. Get entertained by different live DJs, exotic dancers, amazing professional body paint artists, astounding fire breakers, and live percussion performers. Immortalize your memory of your holiday in Magaluf with this incredible event.

Pirates Reloaded 2019

As a one-of-a-kind event, Pirates Reloaded 2019 is another must-see event for everyone. From adrenaline-filled acrobatic performances to mind-blowing dance moves and exceptional gymnastics, this event is enough to make your visit to Magaluf to be an impeccable one. Notably, Pirates Reloaded is strictly for adults.

Other cool events that will be coming up in Magaluf for 2019 include Magaluf Booze Cruise, Kiss FM Pool Party, Sic Pool Party, and Miami Pool Party. Whatever you are doing in Magaluf in 2019, do not miss any of these special events.

There are various packages available that can help you get maximum enjoyment without breaking the bank. All you have to do is to get in touch with the hosts and you will be a part of these mega events in Magaluf for 2019.

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